My parents- I respect my parents most. Whatever they say i ought to obey them. Simply i can say “I can leave anything for them but cant leave my parents for anything”

Ramesh sir– After my parents i respect him the most. He was my physics teacher when i prepare for IIT-JEE. He helped me lot to go through IIT. I like his simplicity despite very vast knowledge

Rajesh– I always likes to be like him. I think i have to learn lot from him to be a successfull person. He is my ideal.

Vikas– He is most intelligent of my all friends. Even then he is going through bad phase of life, i dont know why. His confidence impressed me lot. He had will to do anything. He is a type of person who has capability to do everything.

Pradeep sir– I respects him due to his knowledge, behaviour.  I always tried to prove me in his class but i failed to do so. He is the first teacher in my college who is so close to me.