With the help of this page i m giving brief introduction of all my friends, I know this page is very less for that much of vast names. But i’ll try my level best to cover main qualities of all my friends.

Rajesh– What can i say aout this person, it’s simply impossible to define his qualities in this short place. Still i’ll say he’s my best understandable,helping,cool,intelligent friend. He is doing his training of C.A final in india’s no.2 accounting company “LODHA & COMPANY”

Chandra shekhar– He is persuing B-tech from Galgotia college at G.Noida. he is very helping, funloving, padhaku type of person.

Deepak-He is persuing B-tech from IPEC, Ghaziabad. He is very cool type of person who is always ready to help others.

Nishant Goel– He is practicing in FORTIS HOSPITAL, Noida. he is very helping,superstitious type of person.

Vikas Agarwal– He is brillant person. He is very studious,cool, highly amicable person. Rest about him is not possible to describe here,u’ll got to know when u’ll meet him.

Prashant Pundir– I can’t describe him in words, He is very fun loving, Always in laughing mood type of guy obessed with highly brilliancy but till now he did’nt used him brilliancy in fields of studies.

Divya Arora– She is Also doing her B-tech from M.G.M’s COET, Noida. I m proud to have such a good friend, I can say she is my best ever friend in college till now. She is very cool, fun loving ,intelligent girl. One of her quality is that she get’s panicked easily sometimes and i enjoy’s much to her face that time.

Anurag gupta– Oh anu he is one of my best friend in college,but i’ll still say he is little bit of “PHENKU” type of person. Even though he is very good person.

Ravi pandey– He is much cool then rest of my friends. One of his quality is that he never gets panicked in any situation, He is very couragious too.

Mayank sharma– Oh he is a technocrat. He lives in technology. He have Brilliant knowledge of computer hardware, automobiles. In short he is by himself “TECHNOLOGY”

Saumesh– He is an intelligent person. One of his quality is that he always try to learn new things, It favours him lot.

Rajeev– Rajeev is like a small kid. We plays with him. Even he is very brilliant his action sometimes are so strange that we call’s him “BRAZILLIAN” hehehehe

sorry rajeev
Ram– Don’t confuse with his name. His name is RAM but there is not even 0.1% quality of LORD RAMA in him. Inspite he is very helping,good in nature type of person. I m proud to have such a friend.

Asha– She is my friend since my first year. In our friendship We were the group of four initially, then we grown to six friends. But due to ups and downs of life we could not sustain our friendship. But still ASHA is my very good friend. She is very sweat in nature. I likes her language. It’s so polite that i m fond of it.

Anamika– She is my best friend. I think it’s due to better understanding between us. She is very cooperating,soft spoken kind a girl.

Anuradha– She is also my friend like all others. She is very intelligent, Helping girl. Even she is topper of our college.

Mili– Mili is also my best friend of past. But due to my some mistakes our friendship could not continue that longer. She is very intelligent, cool, funloving,caring,will to do any thing type of girl. As far as i m concerned i can’t forget her in my whole life.

Om prakash Om prakash is one year senior to me,even then we have very friendly relation inbetween. He is very cool person. Even i calls him TALLI due to his cool and relaxing behavior. He has now passed from college and now looking for job. He is intelligent also as he topped his class in 7th semester of his four year B-TECH.

Gaurav MittalHe is my best friend since first year. We were initially in same class but lateron we got separated even then we have very close hearts. He is very polite, helping, cool , friendly person. His behavior to others sometimes makes them feel cool. He is intelligent also. Rest u’ll know when u’ll meet him.

Gaurav Saxena– He is very studious guy. He is a person who always tries to fulfill his dreams. And i am sure one day he will attain that height that he always wish to achieve.

Tapashwani Kr. Anand– He is very strong person, even he is a good athelete also. Despite of being good in studies he is a good poet also.

Vijayendra singh– He is a good,intelligent person. He has secured AIR-917 in GATE 2006

Megh shyamMegh shyam is a good boy. He has good physique. All in all a good friend.

Isha Agarwal- Well Isha is my best friend. We understand each other. She is very accepting, highly amicable girl. I can not believe how could i got such a good friend in very short spam of time.

Neha sharma – I met Neha in BSL for the first time. Since then our relationship has grown in very constructive way that now i cant even think of losing her.
Gayatri Bhatnagar-  Gayatri as her name suggests is very pious kind of girl. she is doing her b-com from Delhi University. Gayatri is cool,easy going kind a girl.