Las Vegas, Aug 03: Atomic testing museum in Las Vegas, Nevada, would host an exhibition in August on atomic bombs and its effects on people. The event is the museum’s first international exhibition.

William Johnson, a director of the museum and an archaeologist, said that the institution is open to any people or organizations to hold exhibitions and discussions about nuclear-related materials.

“My understanding (of the Nagasaki peace hall) is that they advocate abolition of nuclear weapons and we welcomed the advocacy group,” Johnson said. “We don’t care if you are pro-nuclear or anti-nuclear. If you want to come here and talk about nuclear issues, that’s what we want people to do.”

According to Johnson, the Nagasaki Peace Hall approached the museum last august, asking about the possibility of organizing an exhibition on atomic bombs and its effects. The museum immediately expressed interest and accepted their proposal because the Nagasaki museum has items and expertise related to the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Not a single member of the executive committee of trustees was opposed to it, Johnson said.

The museum does not take a political position on nuclear policy but rather tries to put on exhibitions with a balanced perspective, he said, adding that he believes balance is a necessity for museums.

The museum opened in February last year with the purpose of preserving the legacy of the Nevada test site and its more than 50-year history of nuclear weapons research.